Pistachio and Beer Sourdough

I was at the grocery the other day, as I walked by the liquor section, a sudden idea came to my mind. hmm… What would my sourdough be like if I hydrated it with beer? I find it amusing to have such idea for someone does not drink. I have gastric problem that gets aggravated by drinking liquor. But…But I would like to try how my sourdough would taste like. I am curious. So I grab one pilsner made in Singapore, look at its alcohol content. hmm it is 5.4% , I guess not too strong, which is good because I do not want my sourdough to end up very bitter. So here I am sharing my recipe. My husband and I loves the texture and taste. And it goes perfectly well with my homemade cheese pimiento.


  • 155g white flour
  • 100g wheat flour
  • 200g pilsner beer
  • 6g salt
  • 6g avocado oil
  • 23g honey
  • 90g starter (1:4:4)
  • handful of grinded roasted pistachio

Mix both kinds of flour together with the beer, mix well. Autolyse overnight, about 12 hours. The next day I added in the starter. Mix well and waited for 30 minutes. Add in the honey, mix well, then the oil, then the salt; ensuring everything is well incorporated. I did my first stretch and fold then mixed in my grinded pistachio. I did a total of 3 stretch and fold with an hour interval in between. Then I shaped the dough and let it proof for 4 hours at 25 degree celsius.

Preheated the oven with a cast-iron pan at 300 degrees celsius, then lowered to 250 degree celsius and baked with steam for 20 minutes followed by another 20 minutes at 220 degree celsius.

The loaf has risen nicely and tastes wonderful. It gives a subtle hint of bitterness from the beer, sourness from the lactic acid and the nutty flavour from the pistachio. Together with my homemade cheesy pimiento spread, it gives rich flavours in just one bite. Now this is a keeper. I will definitely bake this over and over again.

This looks good isn’t it?


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