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Buttermilk Tiramisu Pancake

Simply Decadent!

This is the first time I tried making Tiramisu pancake, and it turned out amazing! My family loves it! The fluffy pancakes were soaked with shots of espresso, and layered with a mixture of whipped cream and mascarpone. So ditch your diet for today, and treat yourself with this decadent brunch. YOLO! (You only live once) hahahaha!

Take note that it is quite filling, so better have one stack of pancakes shared with another person. 🙂

Ingredients for pancake (yields about 7-8 pancakes)

  • 200g All Purpose Flour
  • 35g White Sugar
  • 6g Baking Soda
  • * 7g Double Acting Baking Powder (See note Below)
  • 1g Salt
  • 40g Cooking Oil
  • 64g eggs
  • 6g Coffee Extract
  • * 285g Buttermilk (See note Below)

Note * Use double action baking powder because this will help make your pancake thick and fluffy as compared to single action. Why? Because most of the chemical reactions happen when cooking as compared to the single action one. Single acting baking powder chemical reactions occur mostly when in contact with liquid. As a home cook, you won’t be able to cook all your batter quickly using a pan, hence it is better and easier to maintain the fluffiness throughout your cooking when you use double acting.

As for the buttermilk, it helps create a thicker batter than regular milk. This will also help make your batter not spreading out easily. On top of that, it gives additional flavour to your pancake.

Method for pancake

  • Add all the dry ingredients together, give it a few whisks.
  • Add in all the wet ingredients such as eggs, buttermilk and oil into the dry ingredients. Whisk until batter becomes smooth.
  • Heat up your non-stick pan at medium low heat.
  • Pour some batter onto your pan, forming about 5-6 inches diameter circles.
  • Flip when the edges appear to be harden.
  • Cook the other side for the same amount of time, until light brown
  • Do the same thing for the rest of the batter
  • Prepare 4 shots of espresso then pour it on a shallow dish
  • Soak both sides of your pancake with the espresso. Do the same for all pancakes. Set aside to cool.

Ingredients for filling

  • 110g cold whip cream
  • 110g Mascarpone
  • 5g Kahlua (optional)

Method for the filling

  • Whip your cream until stiff. Do not over beat. Over beating will turn your cream into buttermilk and butter. Stop as soon as you see whipped creams stock in between your balloon whisk
  • Mix it gently with the mascarpone using a spatula. Prepare your piping bag with star tip. Scoop some mixture into your piping bag.

Make up

  • Get one piece of pancake, spread some filling, stack it with another pancake. Stack it for a total of 4 pancakes. Pipe some filling onto the top-most layer as shown in the picture below.
  • sprinkle some cocoa powder
  • garnish with cherries and chocolate chips.
  • drizzle with chocolate syrup. I prefers Smucker’s chocolate sundae syrup as compared to Hershey because it has a thicker texture.
See how thick and fluffy it is!

Enjoy. Happy Father’s Day! Hasta La Vista! Til my next post. See you!

Butter and Sugar Crepe

One of my favourite dessert is crepe with sugar and butter filling. Today are one of those days that I have such cravings. Now I am sharing with you the recipe that I had been using for years. This recipe is a little bit similar to my other post, which is the savoury crepe.

Ingredients (batter)

  • 140g sifted all purpose flour
  • 260g milk
  • 40 melted butter
  • 170g eggs
  • 20g sugar


  • Prepare your batter by whisking all the wet ingredients, that is the eggs, milk and butter.
  • Add in the sugar and whisk
  • Add in the flour and whisk until no lumps
  • Prepare your good 23cm non – stick pan. Slightly oiled it with butter. You only need to do it once.
  • pour 1/4 cup (60ml) of batter and tilt it gently side to side to let the batter spreads out thinly.
  • when the sides start to brown, flip the crepe to the other side. Cook for about 10 seconds
  • Do the same thing for the rest of the batter


  • Apply some melted butter onto your crepe and sprinkle it with some sugar
  • Fold it into half and fold it again to make it into quarter size.
  • Topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzle some chocolate syrup.
  • Garnished it with berries and bananas
  • Sprinkle some snow powder (optional)
Does it look good?

Enjoy! That’s all for now. Hasta la Vista, til my next post